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Splitting axes: split wood like a king

A great splitting axe is essential when you need to split firewood. People often say that a wood burning stove will heat you up more than once: cutting down the tree, cutting the pieces of wood to size, splitting the wood and eventually making a fire. With a good splitting axe you will make sure that at least one step of the process will go smoothly.

The head of a splitting axe is shaped like a wig. Specifically designed to quickly and smoothly split a piece of wood. We sell the most amazing Hultafors and Fiskars splitting axes. Scandinavian brands with hundreds of years of experience when it comes to producing top-quality splitting axes.

How do you choose the right splitting axe?

Not only the choice for a top-quality splitting axe counts, choosing the one that suits you is just as important. A splitting axe that is too large or too little makes splitting wood tricky. Not only because it will take you ages, but also because you will overburden your shoulders and back which is something you definitely don’t want.

A rule of thumb is that the length of the handle should be as long as the length of your stretched arm. When it is about the same length you will be fine. As such you prevent that you end up with an axe meant for someone who is, for instance, 1.6 m tall. At the same time it might occur that smaller pieces of wood are sometimes a little more difficult to split when you use a bigger splitting axe. In that case a smaller splitting axe could be the way to go!