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Champagne sabres: celebrate in style

With a champagne sabre you can open a bottle of champagne. . When you sabre a bottle of champagne you remove the cork and the top part of the champagne bottle. It is a display of style and the act itself makes you feel amazing. It is quite the rush! It isn't difficult to sabre. To successfully remove the cork you need a sabre made from the right materials and one that has the right shape. That is why we only have room for the best.

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How do you choose the best champagne sabre?

The champagne sabre is a product that was specially designed for opening champagne bottles with the dramatic sabring of the bottle neck and the cork in one smooth motion. But what should you look for when you want to purchase a sabre?

  • What do you use it for? Do you actually want to use it to sabre bottles of champagne or is the sabre mainly decorative?

  • Choose a material that suits your style, such as stainless steel, wood, crystal or even precious metals. Remember that durable materials are easier to maintain.

  • Choose quality. Make sure that the sabre is sharp and has a good balance. A high-quality champagne sabre lasts a lifetime and opens the bottle safely and effectively.

  • Have a good grip of the sabre and avoid unsafe situations.

  • Design is important. Do you want a classic and elegant design or a modern and striking look? Choose something that suits your personal preference.

Opening a bottle of champagne with a sabre is not hard at all!

It is always a little exciting when you slide the shiny sabre over the welding line to sabre the bottle. And it's not difficult to do at all!

Engraving: for a personal touch

A champagne sabre is a great gift! Make a champagne sabre even more unique by engraving it with a special message.

Origin of champagne sabres

It's been said that this stylish way of opening a bottle of champagne originates from the Napoleonic era. Some say that Napoleon opened a champagne bottle after every battlefield victory by using his sabre. This technique was eventually adopted by the nobility.

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