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Champagne sabres: to stylishly sabre your champagne

With a champagne sabre you can sabre a bottle of champagne. When you sabre a bottle of champagne you remove the cork and the top part of the champagne bottle. It is a display of style and the act itself makes you feel amazing. It is quite the rush! It isn't difficult to sabre. To successfully remove the cork you need a sabre made from the right materials and one that has the right shape. That is why we only have room for the best. 

How do I sabre a champagne bottle?

It is always a little exciting when you slide the shiny sabre over the welding line to sabre the bottle. Fortunately it is not difficult at all.

Start with a nicely cooled bottle of champagne, about six degrees Celsius. Not colder. By cooling the bottle the pressure inside decreases making the glass more fragile. Remove the foil from the bottleneck and also the metal wire that keeps the cork in place. Afterwards you need to look for the bottle's weak spot. That's the welding seam, where the two halves of the mould come together. The sabre should slide just alongside this seam. Keep the bottle in your left hand if you are right-handed and vice versa. Your thumb needs to be placed in the hollow part of the bottom of the bottle. The bottle rests on the other, outstretched fingers of your hand. Hold the bottle up at an upwards angle and place the flat sabre on the bottle. With, of course, the sharp side pointed towards the cork.

Slightly turn the sabre, to make sure the blunt side leaves the bottle and the sharp side is still resting on the bottle. Slide the sabre down the bottleneck a couple of times. You do this to find out if there are no irregularities on the bottle all the way down to the cork. Remove any left-over pieces of paper or foil. The champagne sabre should only touch the glass the whole way down. Now you are ready to use the sabre to hit the bottleneck. If you do it correctly the top of the bottle, including the cork, will shoot off.

Engraving champagne sabres

A champagne sabre is a great gift! Make the sabre extra personal by adding an engraved message!