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Kitchen Knives & Cutting

Magnetic knife blocks

Knife blocks are ideal for quickly and easily storing your knives. You could, for instance store them in one with special cut outs, but you could also use a magnetic knife block. With a magnetic knife block you no longer need to hide your knives in a block, all you have to do is proudly display them. 

Because of the built-in magnet the knives will stick to the surface of the block. The knives are completely visible, so you will never grab hold of the wrong one. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the knife block looks amazing on your counter top!

Magnetic knife blocks come in different shapes, sizes and materials. There are, for instance, blocks that have enough room for four knives while others have room for twelve. That is why it is wise to check beforehand how many knives you intend to store on your block. This page includes the empty magnetic knife blocks from brands such as Zwilling, Wüsthof, Kai, Global and our own brand Eden. Are you looking for a block that include great knives? Why not check out the following page: knife blocks.

Eden Magnetic knife blocks

The Eden Magnetic knife blocks are not only an asset to your kitchen, they are safe for the blades you intend to store on it as the blade only comes into contact with the wood. As such the blade remains sharp and the cutting edge will never be damaged. The Eden Magnetic knife blocks are strong enough to carry all types of kitchen knives.