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Miyabi 4000FC kitchen knives

he Miyabi 4000FC kitchen knives will be the highlight of any kitchen. These Japanese kitchen knives have an elegant and stylish design. Not a graceful damask pattern which is common with the other Miyabi collections, but a relatively austere and sleek blade which is definitely worth a look.

The collection is comprised of nine different sized blades which will enable you to have the right kind of knife for each task.

Miyabi 4000FC: the blade

The special blade on the knives is very appealing. Each blade in the collection has a striking appearance because of how the contours around the blade have been treated. It looks as if two types of steel come together even though the blade has only been made with one type of steel, FC61. A FRIODURx2-ice hardened, stainless type of steel with a hardness of 61 HRC. A strong type of steel which can also easily be sharpened. As a result it won’t come as a surprise that this blade is razor sharp. From the tip to the heel. And all of it thanks to the traditionally Japenese Honbazuke way of grinding a knife, a process during which each knife is grinded down by hand in three phases.

Miyabi 4000FC: the handle

The blade of the Miyabi 4000FC knives seamlessly merge with the octagonal handle via the crop. Made from dark pakkawod, with the characteristic mosaic pin in the middle. Stylish without all the bells and whistles. Because the crop doesn’t run all the way through to the heel of the blade you can use the entire cutting surface. Perfect when cutting and sharpening the knife.

About Miyabi by Zwilling

The Miyabi knives are made by Zwilling Japan, in the factory in Seki. These knives are the perfect combination of German decency and traditional Japanese skills.