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Opinel Intempora: timeless enjoyment

The Opinel Intempora knives are clearly based on the world-famous pocket knives from the French brand. These knives combine functional design with timeless beauty. Whether you're a professional chef or just love to cook, the Opinel Intempora knives guarantee years of reliable enjoyment.

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Opinel Intempora: traditional craftsmanship

The handles of the Intempora kitchen knives are clearly inspired by Opinel's pocket knives, with the triangular pommel. This not only makes the knives very recognizable, it also has a practical function. The end of the handle is designed in such a way that you'll automatically hold it in the right way, with your pinky finger resting on the protruding part of the handle. It ensures a safe and good grip.

Even though most of Opinel's pocket knives are made from wood, the Intempora knives are not. These knives feature handles made from polyoxymethylene, also known as POM. This is a strong type of plastic, reinforced with glass fibres. This makes the knives shock and heat resistant. The polished finish makes the knives feel amazing in hand, almost like velvet.

Swedish top-quality steel

Opinel is a big fan of the Swedish Sandvik 12C27 steel, and rightly so. It's no surprise that the Intempora kitchen knives are made from this steel. This carbon-rich steel is extremely corrosion resistant. It is also easy to sharpen if need be. Thanks to the full-tang construction, these knives have the perfect balance.