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Kitchen Knives & Cutting

Opinel Intempora: timeless!

The Opinel Intempora knives are clearly based on the world-famous pocket knives from the French brand. Simplicity, ease of use and design were combined and led to a collection of kitchen knives anyone can enjoy for years to come.

Opinel Intempora: according to traditional recipe

The handles of the Intempora kitchen knives clearly refer to the Opinel pocket knives, with the triangular pommel. This not only makes the knives very recognizable, it also has a practical function. Because of the shape of the end of the handle you will always take hold of the knife correctly and your little finger fill lean against this protruding part of the handle. The result: a good grip to make sure you can safely get to work.

While the handles on most Opinel pocket knives are made from wood, the Intempora kitchen knives aren't. These knives have a handle made from polyoxymethylene (POM), a solid type of plastic that is also enhanced with glass fibre. This makes the knives shock and heat resistant. The polished finish makes the knives feel amazing in hand, like velvet.

Swedish top-quality steel

Opinel is - and rightly so - a big fan of the Swedish Sandvik 12C27 steel. As such this collection of kitchen knives was also enhanced with this type of steel. The carbon-rich steel is extremely corrosion resistant. In addition, it is easy to sharpen if need be. Because the blade runs throughout the handle and is perfectly balanced, these knives are amazing to use!