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Wüsthof Create Collection: colourful peeling knives

The Wüsthof Create Collection is a collection of colourful peeling knives. Indispensable in every kitchen: retains its sharpness for a long time and incredibly reliable. Completely produced in Solingen, Germany. This collection is comprised of peeling knives, vegetable knives, turning knives, utility knives, steak knives and various sets.

The Create Collection's turning knife will always come in handy. Turning is a cutting technique. The word comes from the French word 'tourner' which means to turn. This technique is mostly used to give pieces of a product the same shape. For a nice presentation, for instance, or even cooking. The turning knife is the perfect knife for this task.

You use the Wüsthof Create Collection vegetable knife to cut and peel vegetables and fruit. Characterizing for this type of knife is the straight edge and the pointed tip. As a result you - in comparison to the peeling knife - use the entire edge when peeling. The smaller cutting tasks are also a piece of cake with a vegetable knife.

The Wüsthof Create Collection peeling knife is perfect when peeling vegetables and fruit. Various other small cutting jobs are no problem for this beautiful peeling knife.

The serrated utility knife from the Wüsthof Create Collection is enhanced with a serrated edge, with a one-sided grind. As such the knife is perfect when cutting tomatoes, small buns, cheese or sausages.