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Looking for a Boska cheese slicer? Anything for a delicious slice of cheese.

A Boska cheese slicer is indispensable in any kitchen drawer. Since the seventies this company has been creating its own cheese slicers. For any type of cheese you will be able to find a cheese slicer. 

Why? Because the different varieties of hardness in terms of cheese ask for a different approach. It doesn’t matter which type of cheese you would like to slice, Bosk has the right tools to give you that delicious slice of cheese!

For any kind of cheese the right kind of cheese slicer

In Boska’s collection you will be able to find cheese slicers we have all seen before: with a longer surface and a wide opening in the front. Think, for instance, of the Milano cheese slicer which has frequently been selected as the best. Perfect for (semi)hard cheeses. For mild cheeses Boska has come up with a different solution. A cheese slicer with a short surface to make sure the cheese doesn’t stick. And how about the Parmesan cheese slicer? Created for slicing (very)hard pieces of cheese, such as Parmesan cheese. For any type of cheese the right slicer!

Boska: lover of cheese for over a hundred years

The Dutch Boska is an expert when it comes to cheese. For over a century the company has been making products for cheese. Or, as they would like to call them: Cheesewares. Throughout the years the range of products has grown exponentially with, amongst others, cheese slicers, cheese boards, cheese graters, cheese fondue sets, and cheese knives. Anything you might need to handle cheese, except the cheese itself. Boska’s product are suitable for all, whether you are an amateur chef or a cheese farmer.