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Boska cheese knives: the right knife for every type of cheese

Boska cheese knives are for every kind of cheese lover. From simple yet stylish knives to professional knives that your local cheese farmer also uses. From soft cheese to hard cheese, Boska has everything you need. Each Boska cheese knife is matched to cheeses of a certain hardness. Consider the brie knife for soft cheeses, the all-purpose slicer for soft to semi-hard cheeses like gouda or the parmesan knife for very hard cheese. To make the choice easier for you, these Boska holland cheese knives are also available in sets. Stunning and practical!

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Features of Boska cheese knives

There are many types of Boska cheese knives, meant for different types of cheese. The knives are made from stainless steel, and the handles are made from metal, wood or plastic. Boska cheese knives with a low blade or a blade with large holes in it are perfect for cutting soft cheeses. In contrast, Boska cheese knives with a sharp tip and a larger blade are great for cutting hard cheeses.

Cleaning Boska cheese knives

A Boska cheese knife made entirely of stainless steel is dishwasher-safe. You won't have to spend a lot of time cleaning it. Simply put it in your dishwasher, and it'll be ready for your next cheese platter. Or wash it by hand. Boska cheese knives are designed to last for many years to come. Cheese knives with a wooden handle are not dishwasher-safe. For these knives, it's important to wash them by hand. Some water and a bit of soap will be enough. Oil the handle regularly. This will prevent the wood from drying out, so the cheese knife will stay beautiful for a long time.

Boska cheese knives mission

Boska's mission is clear: let the whole world enjoy cheese to the fullest using their cheese knives. They pay special attention to ease-of-use and design, because appearance also matters. Over the years Boska has greatly expanded their range of cheese knives. With Boska, you can enjoy cheese to the fullest!