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Tramontina Churrasco Premium steak cutlery sets

The steak knives and forks from the Tramontina Premium collection are available in different colours of wood and with different shaped handles. With all models the blade is made from top-quality stainless steel and the handles are made from modified FSC-certified wood. Stainless steel rivets keep the handles in place. All products are dishwasher proof and are equipped to withstand high temperatures. All Premium products come in a wooden gift box that can also be used as a storage case. And all of that with a 5-year warranty.

Churrasco Pampas, Rio Grande, Bueno, Paisano and many more

The main difference between the steak knives can be found in the blade and the shape of the handle. Some models have been enhanced with a smooth blade while others have a serrated blade. Some even have a partially serrated blade. Steak knives without serrations cut through the meat without tearing the fibres. As a result the meat is tender and juicer. To enjoy these knives as long as possible you should frequently hone or sharpen them. Serrated steak knives retain their sharpness longer because the serrations function as a saw. As a result they are easier to use and maintain.