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Tramontina Churrasco BBQ accessories

With the Tramontina Churrasco BBQ accessories any BBQ will become an unforgettable experience. These tools will make outdoor cooking even easier. After all, well begun is half done! In addition, the right accessories will make your BBQ even more versatile and safe. Spatulas, tongs, meat pens and carving sets: Tramontina has everything to enjoy a wonderful night out with your BBQ. Also great as a gift to someone who loves to BBQ.

The origin of Tramontina lies in Brazil. The country where barbequing and meat are an important part of life. Brazilians definitely know how to barbeque. Brazil and its typical preparation of grilled meat are two things that belong together.

The Churrasco, the Brazilian version of the BBQ was invented by the herders who guarded cattle in the south of Brazil. When they came together at night they would eat meat. However, Churrasco represents much more than just preparing grilled delicacies and culinary treats. Churrasco stands for fun, hospitality and spending time together with family and friends. A wonderful tradition!