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Buying a damascus-steel chef's knife? It will be a real eyecatcher in your kitchen!

Chef's knives are indispensable in any kitchen. It's a knife that most people will use on a daily basis, so it's worth getting something really special. Choose a damascus chef's knife: these knives look absolutely amazing. Chef's knives of this kind are often made in Japan, but damascus-steel chef's knives are also produced in other parts of the world. There's one thing they all have in common: each one is unique, as the damascus pattern is never the same.

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Features of damascus chef's knives

There are different kinds of damascus chef's knives. There are chef's knives with a core made of VG10 steel, flanked by the damascus steel. You'll often see the 'lamination line' running just above the edge, the separation between the core of the blade and the damascus 'cladding'.

However, there are also chef's knives made entirely of damascus steel. This is often produced by the famous brand Damasteel. In general, these knives are a bit more pricey. The main advantage of these knives is that on a microscopic level, the edge of the knife has micro-serrations. This is because the two steels wear down at slightly different speeds, creating a microscopic serrated edge. This improves sharpness retention!

Eden Classic Damast chef's knife

Our most popular damascus chef's knife by far is our Eden Classic Damast chef's knife. It's a stunning knife that retains its sharpness well, and all of that for a very good price.

How do you sharpen a damascus chef's knife?

Sharpening damascus steel is the same as sharpening regular steel. You can maintain the sharp edge with a ceramic sharpening rod, and when it's time to really get sharpening, you can do so with sharpening stones or by using a sharpening system.