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Japanese chef's knife: three qualities

The name often given to a Japanese chef's knife is santoku. A santoku is enhanced with a straight and short blade that doesn't end in a tip. These knives were made to cut in a Japanese way. Namely with short cutting movements instead of rocking the knife back and forth. The word Santoku means: three qualities. According to some, this refers to the cutting, crushing and scooping qualities that the santoku is known for. Others say it stands for meat, fish and vegetables. The three ingredients that can easily be cut with a santoku. All we know is that a santoku is an incredibly versatile kitchen knife that is perfect when cutting, crushing and scooping meat, fish and vegetables.


Chef’s knife vs Santoku. What are the differences

We often get questions about the difference between a chef’s knife and a santoku knife. In this article we try to answer that question.