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GEFU Flotte Lotte: Sieve and puree in the blink of an eye!

A well-known kitchen tool from GEFU is the 'Flotte Lotte'. This type of food mill, press or strainer turns soft food (such as cooked vegetables or fruit) into compote, jam, soup, puree or sauce in no time!

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GEFU Flotte Lotte: Nice and simple

Thanks to the stainless-steel sieve, you easily separate delicious food from seeds, peels and other unwanted parts. An additional advantage is that you don't need electricity.

How to use the Flotte Lotte food mill

The Flotte Lotte is easy to use:

  • Boil the vegetables or the fruit until soft.

  • Place them in the food mill.

  • Turn the lever: This will force the food through the sieve and creates the desired puree, mash, jam or sauce.

Operating it manually allows you to control the texture of the final product and remove any unwanted parts.

Great for large quantities

The Flotte Lotte is a great tool for preparing a fresh and homemade puree, sauce or soup. It can be especially useful when you want to achieve a finer texture than what a blender can offer or, for example, when you need to process large quantities of food.

For example, when it's harvest time for apples and other fruits. With the GEFU Flotte Lotte, spending weekends on end in the kitchen is a thing of the past.