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GEFU Spirelli spiral slicer: endless possibilities

With the GEFU Spirelli spiral slicer you can easily serve julienned spirals made from vegetables, also called vegetable spaghetti. Prepare delicious courgette spaghetti, also called courgetti, or decorative cucumber and carrot slices. In an instant the Spirelli will transform boring vegetables and fruit into an appetizing and festive meal. 

Ideal for decorating your dishes. After use the Spirelli can simply be placed in the dishwasher. It is basically everything you need to be the star of your own kitchen!

GEFU Spirelli finger guard

A useful accessory for the original Spirelli is the GEFU Spirelli finger guard, 13461. This finger guard enables you to use the entire vegetable from top to bottom without compromising your fingers.

Please note:the finger guard is specifically designed for the original Spirelli. It will, therefore, not fit on the larger Spirelli 2.0 or Spirelli XL.

GEFU Spirelli 2.0 spiral slicer

The Spirelli 2.0 includes the finger guard. The knives are made from Japanese stainless steel. For Julienne spirals of 3 mm or 5 mm. The Spirelli can cut vegetables and fruit with a diameter of 20 to 60 mm.

GEFU Spirelli XL spiral slicer

This Spirelli XL is a larger version of the famous Spirelli. This XL-version can be used for vegetables with a diameter up to 65 mm. The Spiral slicer has been enhanced with knives on both sides of the slicer made from stainless Japanese steel. For julienne spirals of 4.5 mm or 8 mm. The GEFU Spirelli XL includes the finger guard. In addition, with the added cleaning brush you can quickly clean the spiral slicer if necessary.