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Want to buy Kai chef's knives? We have the most extensive range!

When it comes to high-quality Japanese kitchen knives, KAI is at the absolute top. Buying a KAI Shun chef's knife is therefore an excellent choice. The nice thing about KAI is that they make many different series, with different designs. From entry-level series for the amateur chef to professional chef's knives for accomplished chefs.

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Features of KAI chef's knives

What all KAI chef's knives have in common is that they have excellent cutting capabilities. KAI knives have a very thin grind. This is possible because KAI uses outstanding types of steel, with very high levels of hardness. Cutting with a KAI chef's knife is therefore a real treat!

Famous fans

Those who pay close attention to cooking programmes on TV will have noticed that there are quite a few well-known chefs who use KAI kitchen knives. Several celebrity chefs use KAI knives on a daily basis. They chose KAI because these knives meet their high quality standards.

More than chef's knives

Do you like KAI's chef's knives? You'll definitely like KAI's other kitchen knives too. KAI produces all kinds of kitchen knives. For example, KAI arguably has the best bread knives of all Japanese knife makers. But you can also find more task-specific knives like boning knives or ham knives at KAI. This is an important consideration when choosing a brand and series.