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Game and poultry scissors: tame any culinary challenge

Poultry scissors, also known as game scissors, are scissors that are a lot stronger than your everyday household scissors. These scissors are specifically designed to cut poultry and game into pieces without getting bone splinters into the food. You can recognise these scissors by their short blades and sturdy construction, making cutting poultry and game more efficient.

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Features of game and poultry scissors

The spring in these scissors prevents you from slipping. This is a very safe construction, after all, when you cut game, you sometimes need to use a bit of force. Almost all game scissors are made from stainless steel. Many poultry scissors are dishwasher safe.

How to choose the best game or poultry scissors

We offer top-quality poultry scissors and game scissors. We believe top-quality scissors are worth it, because they don't damage the meat or get bone splinters.

It's important to remember poultry or game scissors are specifically meant to cut meat, and not other materials. It's better not store these scissors in the kitchen drawer. This way, you'll avoid accidental use for paper or food packaging, which may cause the scissors to become dull more quickly.

Professional poultry and game scissors are made from the best materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel and titanium. These materials will retain their sharpness even with intensive use.

Frequently asked questions about game and poultry scissors