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Sabatier steak knife: elegant efficiency

Sabatier steak knives stand out with their excellent sharpness. A Sabatier steak knife offers efficiency when cutting steaks, but also embodies elegance with its timeless design and ergonomically shaped handle. People choose Sabatier steak knives because they're a durable, versatile and stylish choice. These knives can be used for more cutting tasks than just cutting your steak, you can also use them to cut tomatoes and similar ingredients.

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Sabatier steak knives at Knivesandtools

Sabatier knives symbolise an appreciation of craftsmanship and a tradition. Moreover, these versatile knives offer a wide range of applications, making them suitable not only for cutting steaks, but also other meats, roasts and even vegetables. They're a useful addition to any kitchen.

Steak knives: how to choose the best ones?

A good steak knife has a sharp blade that cuts through meat effortlessly without tearing it. You can choose between a serrated or a plain-edge blade. Serrations help when cutting meat by distributing pressure very evenly. As a result, you get very clean cuts. . A smooth edge is easier to sharpen than a serrated edge, though serrated blades can also be sharpened with a sharpening steel. In our range you will find steak knives with a pointed tip or a rounded tip. Most steak knives have a pointed tip. This is the blade shape of a 'real' steak knife. The 'belly' created by the pointed tip in the blade makes it easy to cut through meat. You can also use the point to cut more precisely and pick up pieces of meat.