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Lion Sabatier Fuso: Sabatier-knives forged from Sandvik 14C28N-steel

Lion Sabatier Fuso-knives are a unique series of Sabatier-knives. Sabatier chooses to completely forge the Fuso-knives out of nitrogen-hardened Sandvik 14C28N-steel. The result is a hardness that is very high for Sabatier-concepts, as many as 60 HRC! 

They retain their sharpness for a long time. Ideal for when you do not want to regularly sharpen. In addition, they look beautiful. So, are you looking to find kitchen knives with a stunning design? Meet Lion Sabatier Fuso!

Lion Sabatier Fuso: what you need to know

The blades of the Fuso series are sharpened at a small grinding angle. This makes them razor-sharp, cutting with them is really a pleasure. The steel handle is rougher than the blade. This provides the necessary grip while cutting. The handle is completely seamless, bacteria do not get a chance to settle. It makes these knives very hygienic. Clean them by hand. In this way, you prevent damage to the steel and you can enjoy these beautiful knives even longer!

Considering all the aspects, the Fuso-series are a very nice addition to the existing series of Lion Sabatier. They are forged in the French Thiers, the beating heart of the French knives industry. Each kitchen knife is forged from one piece of steel and polished by hand.