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WMF steak knives and steak cutlery: the sharpest and most stylish addition to any dinner table

From single WMF steak knives and steak cutlery to complete WMF steak knife sets. Anything for real meat lovers. A good steak knife is essential for a good dinner. Not only do they add style to the dining table, they are also very practical! With a table knife, you often can't cut through a piece of meat properly. WMF steak knives were specifically designed to smoothly cut through any type of steak and other meat without tearing it.

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WMF steak cutlery: with or without serrated edge?

WMF steak knives are available with and without serrated edge. In restaurants, you'll often find steak knives with a partially or completely serrated edge. The reason behind this is that serrated steak knives retain their sharpness better and will therefore last longer before they need to be sharpened. The disadvantage, however, is that they are often not sharpened at all. When serrated steak knives become dull, they saw or tear through the meat, rather than cut it.

WMF steak knives without serrated edge are delivered at peak sharpness. They cut the meat without tearing it, so juices don't pour out. The disadvantage is that they need to be sharpened more often, especially if you're cutting on stoneware plates. Fortunately, steak knives without serrated edge are easy to sharpen at home!

One reason to choose a serrated steak knife for at home is that the knife is more versatile. For example, you can use it to cut a pizza, or to cut small sandwiches at the breakfast table. Serrated edge or not, WMF steak knives are great for everyone.