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Accessories for a deBuyer mandolin

Complete your mandolin with these practical deBuyer accessories. Need an additional knife, storage box, pusher or sharpener? These deBuyer accessories are great if you’ve lost a part, or simply when you like to have a spare. For instance, you can choose julienne knives with a length ranging from 2 to 10 mm. In addition, you can purchase different blades that are 2 or 4 mm on one side, and 7 to 10 mm on the other.

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Multiple accessories

At Knivesandtools you can purchase every accessory you could possibly need to maintain, store and expand your mandolin. Want to have it all? Purchase an expansion set, with accessories such as an extra-long pusher, or a special storage box for your set of mandolin blades. For the maintenance tasks you can purchase specifically designed cleaning brushes that remove all food residue from you mandolin. All accessories were designed as such that you can safely use your mandolin without hurting yourself. The accessories for your mandolin will turn every task in the kitchen into a piece of cake!

Always check to see if the accessory fits your mandolin

When you purchase accessories for your deBuyer mandolin keep in mind that there are different models and types, each with their own design and matching accessories. So always make sure the accessories you purchase match your mandolin. Keep the product number, model name or other specifications close to make sure you get the right accessories.

Not completely sure? Contact deBuyer or the company you got your mandolin. As such you will always know for sure you purchase the accessories that go with your deBuyer mandolin.