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Deejo: stunning French pocket knives

Do you like functional minimalist pocket knives? Or artistic tools that will match your outfit? If so the Deejo knives will definitely suit your style. Deejo, the brainchild of Luc Foin and Stéphanie Lebau, is a French brand. Their goal? Develop a light-weight pocket knife. In addition, Deejo pays close attention to sleek, slim designs. These knives are enhanced with artistic tattoos and stunning handle materials such as remarkable types of wood and carbon fibre. These knives are perfect for everyday use.

The Deejo tattoo collection

The tattoo collection demonstrates how artistic Deejo is. These pocket knives are enhanced with artistic tattoos. Hence the name. With such a tattoo each knife will get a newer, deeper meaning. Looking to add your own tattoo to make the knife even more personal? It is possible with the 'Tattoo your Deejo box'!

Make a statement, carry a Deejo knife.

Because of the wide choice of Deejo knives there will be something for everyone. As a result you can select a knife that will suit you best! A Deejo knife is definitely a reflection of the person who carries it. It says something about you, about who you are and how you live your life. This makes a Deejo knife an indispensable accessory that will finish any outfit. Deejo's motto is, as such: 'Deejo. The knife that reflects you'.