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Super steel EDC knives: make sharpening (almost) unnecessary

The super steel on EDC knives remains sharp, really sharp, for a really long time. As a result you will almost never have to sharpen the blade. These types of steel, of course, don’t really have super powers, they are only optimized to retain their sharpness. Because of the substantial amounts of carbon and fancy additions such as vanadium and silicon these knives are good at staying sharp. So you never have to sharpen them? That is not really the case. They retain their sharpness for a long time, but will become blunter after frequent use. It will only take a little longer than with other types of steel.

Are all types of super steel the same?

Within the super steel category there are a lot of differences. There is not one holy recipe for a type steel everyone agrees on. There are, for instance, tool steel types that remain sharp really long and can easily be sharpened, but aren’t stainless. There are, however, also stainless types of steel that also remain sharp, but are more difficult to sharpen.

We are the first to admit that the term super steel is completely arbitrary. For this page we merely chose types of steel we believe are above average, and types of steel that are known for having specific exceptional qualities. Qualities that are often also listed with the product texts that accompany these knives.

Why is super steel so expensive?

Knives with these types of super steels are often a little more expensive than other pocket knives. Is that because the price of steel is higher? Partially. Some types of super steel are three to four times as expensive as a conventional type of steel. This, however, won’t affect the overall price of the pocket knife that much. The difference is mostly in how the steel is processed. Even unhardened these types of steel require a lot of sharpening belts, milling heads and other steel processing machines. Add the fact that heat treatment is essential to bring out the best parts of the steel and you will understand that these knives take a lot of additional time and means to be the best they can be.