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Japanese knife sets: a culmination of ultimate sharpness

What is better than one Japanese kitchen knife? A complete set of Japanese, high quality kitchen knives, of course! Japanese knives are famous for being sharper than their European counterparts. Japanese kitchen knives are made of extremely hard steel, so the blades can be sharpened to an impressively thin edge. This means you'll experience less cutting resistance, making it easier to slice through your ingredients! When you are a fan of a certain Japanese brand, it only makes sense to get a full, matching set with a chef's knife, meat carving knife and peeling knife. Discover our extensive range of authentic and traditional kitchen knives, made in Japan!

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How do you choose the best Japanese knife set?

When it comes to choosing a Japanese knife set, it is important to start by determining your budget. A complete set of Japanese knives can cost quite a lot of money. There are also more affordable ranges, though the craftsmanship and manual work necessary to make these knives never comes cheap.

Furthermore, it is important to determine which Japanese knives you really need. Do all your favourite dishes include fish? You'll probably want a knife set that includes a yanagiba. Or choose a knife set that you can later expand with a separate yanagiba. Are you a meat lover? Get a set with a sujihiki.

One thing to keep in mind is that in Japan, people do not have as much of a 'bread culture' as in Europe. No problem, of course, but it also means that not every knife set includes a bread knife.

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