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Böker razors: top-quality from Solingen

Böker Logo

Böker razors offer you an extraordinary shaving experience. In Solingen, the epicentre of the German knife culture, Böker has been creating amazing razors for years. Straight razors, but also safety razors. As a result there is a stunning razor for anyone who spends a little more attention on his beard on a daily basis.

Straight razors and safety razors

Razors come in many shapes and sizes. For instance, when it comes to the classic shape Böker has straight razors but also safety razors. We are sure everyone has seen the straight razors before at their barber or hairdresser. Delicate tools that will last for generations if you take good care of them. But there are also the Böker safety razors: classic razors from the past. Because of the interchangeable flat razor blades you will have a sharp blade whenever you use your razor, one you don’t have to sharpen yourself. Ideal.

Böker shaving accessories

In addition to straight razors and safety razors we also have a wide range of shaving accessories. From soap, shaving bowls and brushes to entire starter sets. As a result you will have everything you could possibly need to get started right away. Enjoy!