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Premium survival knives | All Premium survival knives lined-up!

A premium survival knife is truly a remarkable tool. Because of the excellent finish, the craftsmanship, the exotic materials or simply the design. Brands such as Fällkniven, Bark River Knives, TRC Knives, Spartan Blades and Bradford produce amazing survival knives in the highest segment. These knives are made to be used, even though they also look great in a display case.

Pure quality, in all shapes and sizes

Even within the premium survival knives range there are many differences to be found. From compact knives you can almost carry as a neck knife to large machetes that will help you clear your path in the jungle. Do you prefer a more affordable survival knife? Why not check out our budget survival knives.


Top-10 premium survival knives

Owning a premium survival knife is something every knife enthusiast dreams of. But what are the best premium knives? To make the choice as simple as possible we made a list of the ten best premium survival knives.