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Uncle Henry knives: classic knives for amazing prices

Uncle Henry has been producing classic knives for years. Especially when it comes to hunting knives Uncle Henry is very popular. Especially in the United States Uncle Henry knives are handed down from father to son. This tells you more about which position these knives have in the hunting culture. The fact that you can now also purchase a real Uncle Henry knife for such a great price makes it even more appealing.

Today uncle Henry is known for using synthetic materials to replace animal horn and bone. The same textures as the natural material, but a lot more affordable and animal friendly. The name Uncle Henry comes from Henry Baer. President of the Imperial Schrade Cutlery Company in the 40s and brother of the owner.

Uncle Henry knives

Uncle Henry has been a part of the Schrade group for years. That is why these knives are also called 'Schrade Uncle Henry'. Within the Schrade range Uncle Henry, however, is a real collection.

Quality of the Uncle Henry knives

Uncle Henry knives are known for their excellent price-quality ratio. You purchase a great Uncle Henry knife for a great price. This does mean, however, that you sometimes have to accept th occasional scratch or imperfection in the finish. The prices are amazing, the quality is fair. You get more than what you pay for.