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Spartan Blades Gold - Elite: top-quality knives

The Spartan Blades Gold - Elite Class contains the highest quality knives. Made in the Spartan Blades workshop in North Carolina, USA. Of the different classes the Gold - Elite class is the highest. Made for collectors and users looking for only the best. Top models designed by Bill Harsey and Les George come together here with the designs of founders Curtis Lovito and Mark Carey. In terms of materials and finish these knives are of the highest quality.

Spartan Blades knives

At Spartan blades they always keep use in mind. A knife might look amazing: if it doesn't work it won't do you any good. That is why the founders drew from their experiences in the American army. That is where you will truly learn that you need good supplies to make it. With this exact attitude they produce these amazing knives.