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Victorinox Hunter: made for hunters

The Victorinox Hunter was specifically made for hunters who need to gut a lot of game. With its large blade and guthook, this pocket knife will also come in handy in emergencies. Both can be opened with one hand thanks to the thumb hole. The Hunter is enhanced with an additional blade, instead of the standard can opener. Thanks to the curved shape and the razor-sharp serrated edge of the blade, gutting game will be piece of cake. The blunt tip of the blade ensures that you won't damage anything as you gut your prey. Incredibly practical!

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Features of Victorinox Hunter

Victorinox Hunter: the large blade

The knife is razor-sharp and has a cutting edge of no less than 8 cm. Once opened, the knife locks immediately and doesn't budge. This means it can never close when you don't want to, which makes it suitable for heavy-duty tasks. The guthook is slightly curved and has a blunt tip.

Victorinox Hunter: handle

The scales are made of nylon and inlaid sections of rubber. This combination ensures a firm grip in all conditions. Thanks to its striking colour you can easily find the knife if you accidentally drop it.

Victorinox Hunter: saw, drill awl and guthook

The saw is pretty thin at only 1.2 mm thick and serrations of 1.6 mm long. However, this saw can handle fresh wood as well as pallets and shelves. The drill awl is suitable for marking things on wood. In addition, it is very practical to use an awl to pierce soft metals. You can use it to mark out where you should drill, for instance. Are you on the road in the middle of nowhere and need to prepare some game on the spot? With the guthook, an extra knife with curved, blunt and serrated blade, you'll have it done in no time! The special curved blade ensures that you don't damage the bowels of the animal.


Reliability and perfection up to the smallest details: a Victorinox is a real life companion. Victorinox guarantees that all knives and multi-tools are made from stainless steel. For that reason, Victorinox gives out a lifelong warranty on material and production flaws. This means you don't have to worry if you find a production flaw.

Victorinox Hunter Pro

Victorinox also has other hunting knives in its range such as the Hunter Pro, which only has a blade for a tool.