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Sharpening with a Whetstone

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You achieve optimal sharpness with whetstones

Maintaining and sharpening your knife is easiest to do with a whetstone. Of course, you can get your knives sharpened by a sharpening service, but it is much easier and more fun to buy whetstones. By sharpening your knife yourself you can keep it permanently sharp and it will be ready for use again in a few minutes. If you are looking to buy a whetstone, you will find all information here.


Grains in a whetstone

A whetstone is a combination of sharpening grains and a binding agent in most cases. The only 100% natural product is Ardennes Coticules. The sharpening grains have cutting edges which enable them to sharpen. As soon as a sharpening stone is used, little particles of the sharpening grain break off, which generates a new cutting edge. Most whetstones for kitchen knives use aluminium dioxide as a sharpening medium. The higher the figure, the lower the grain. Stones with a coarse grain (up to grain 400) are used to shape the fold (the really cutting part of a knife) of a blunt knife. The fine finishing is then done with a stone with a smaller grain.

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