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Zero Tolerance Limited Editions

Zero Tolerance makes awesome knives. Innovative, technically perfect and as tough as they come. When you think of the pinnacle of American knife manufacturing, you think of Zero Tolerance knives. But apart from production knives, Zero Tolerance also makes really beautiful Limited Editions.

These knives are made in very limited runs and match custom knife quality. Real collector’s items that show what Zero Tolerance is capable of. At Knivesandtools we are lucky enough to get a few of these Limited Editions every now and again. If we have them you’ll find them on this page.

Due to the extremely limited availability only one of these Limited Editions is available to each household and we sell them to European customers only.

Zero Tolerance Factory Customs

Within the Limited Edition range, Zero Tolerance has a special series: the Factory Customs. The special thing for the Factory Customs is that a part of each knife is manufactured by the designer himself. For instance: Rick Hinderer makes all the hardware for the 0392 range and RJ Martin’s son Matt made the custom hollow pivot for the 0606CF.

Zero Tolerance Sprint Runs

Zero Tolerance also makes Sprint Runs. These are their regular production models with a twist, also made in a limited quantity. This can be a change of colour, handle material or steel.