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Case Pocket Worn: as if you've carried them for years

The finish on the knives from the Case Pocket Worn collection is slightly better than the finish on the other Case knives. The handles of these knives are, not surprisingly, therefore sanded a little longer by the experts at Case. A jump into the future so to say! As a result, the finish on the Pocket Worn knives is even better than the finish on the other Case knives.

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Features of the Case Pocket Worn collection

The Case Pocket Worn series is beloved by many. Fans praise the stunning finish and attention to detail that goes into making these knives. The handles are made from bone, a gorgeous and natural material. This material is enhanced with a subtle texture, making the pocket knife look amazing and feel great in hand.

Types of Case Pocket Worn pocket knives

The series consists of different types of Case pocket knives with a single, two or even three blades made for gutting game, castrating young bulls and food prep or carving wood. You can choose whether you prefer a carbon-steel blade or a blade made from Thru-Sharp stainless steel.

History of the Pocket Worn collection

When introducing the collection in 1996 the goal was to make sure the knives looked as if they had been worn inside a pocket for years, making them look polished. Sanding the handle a little longer and polishing them a little longer gives the knives this well-used look we've come to love.

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