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Leatherman Free multi-tools: the newest generation of Leatherman multi-tools

The Leatherman Free collection was introduced in 2019. It’s an innovative collection of multi-tools that enabled Leatherman to do things a little differently. The Leatherman Free collection is comprised of different models. The P2 and P4 are obvious multi-tools with pliers. The T2 and T4 are EDC tools that are a combination of a multi-tool and a Swiss pocket knife. And the K-models: primarily a pocket knife, with a couple practical tools in the handle.

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Features of the Leatherman Free multi-tool

Traditional Leatherman multi-tools remain closed because of friction. This means that you will always need to two hands to open it. The Free, however, is slightly different. The handle is kept together with magnets. As such you can 'flick open' the tool with one hand. So when you are standing on a ladder and hold something above your head with one hand you can simply use the other to grab the Leatherman Free and get to work. Incredibly easy. Not only the pliers are easily accessible. The individual tools in this multi-tool can also easily be opened. No messing about with broken nails or painful fingertips in cold circumstances: the tools open easily and are secured with the magnet.

Leatherman K pocket knives

Pocket knives from the Leatherman K collection are fully-fledged pocket knives that are enhanced with a couple extra tools. While with most Swiss pocket knives all tools are added equally to the pocket knife, for the Leatherman K2 and K4 tools you can clearly tell they started with the knife and added others tools to it. Will you primarily use the knife? And occasionally a screwdriver or pair of scissors? If so, the Leatherman K pocket knife is an excellent choice.

Leatherman warranty: 25 years

A multi-tool needs to work. That is what Leatherman stands for. Besides making solid tools Leatherman gives a 25-year warranty on product and material errors.