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Sakai Takayuki 33 Layer VG10 Damascus WA: Japanese craftsmanship

The kitchen knives from the Sakai Takayuki 33-Layer VG10 Damascus Hammered WA-collection have a VG-10 core, encased in 33 layers of damasteel. The upper parts of the blades have a hammered finish, a technique that is called 'tsuchime' in Japan. This finish prevents ingredients from sticking to the blade. In addition, it also looks great! A beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

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Features of the Sakai Takayuki 33 Layer VG10 Damascus WA series

The name of this series is very similar to another series by Sakai Takayuki. The difference between these series is the term 'WA' in the name. And that is precisely what makes this series stand out: its WA-style handle.

WA-handle made from zelkova wood

WA-style handles are a traditional Japanese handle shape. At first glance, such an octagonal handle might not seem very ergonomic. However, it works surprisingly well! The angular shape prevents the handle from spinning in your hand. As a result, you'll have a lot of control over the knife when you use it. The handle is made from one piece of Japanese zelkova wood. The bolster is made from mahogany wood.

Razor-sharp Japanese grind

The blade's core is made from VG10, a low-maintenance steel type. It's easy to sharpen, and it retains its sharpness really well. Moreover, VG10 is stainless, so it's very low-maintenance.