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Sakai Takayuki Tokujo: top-quality Japanese kitchen knives

Sakai Takayuki Tokujo kitchen knives are specialist and traditional Japanese kitchen knives. Tokujo means: 'the best quality' in Japanese. The best, you say? Yes, that is quite a claim. Whether it is truly the best we cannot say for sure, but they do come close. The knives are of great quality and enhanced with a great finish. The collection contains a couple of very specific knives. Take, for instance, their eel knives. Due to the specific purposes for the knives, special grind and the steel type, we do not recommend using these knives if you are new to Japanese knives.

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Features of the Sakai Takayuki Tokujo

Special grind

The knives are enhanced with a core made from White #2 Steel, also called Shirogami #2. It is a very pure type of carbon steel which they harden to an extremely high hardness. As such, they can apply a very thin grind, making the knives razor-sharp. The knives are enhanced with a one-sided grind. Because of this grind, the edge pushes the slices off the blade. To make cutting even easier, the other side of the blade is enhanced with a hollow grind. This subtle cavity means there is always a little air between the ingredient and the knife, for the lowest possible resistance! This allows you to cut wafer-thin, delicate slices.

Sakai Takayuki Tokujo: handle made from magnolia wood and buffalo horn

The traditional octagonal handle is made from magnolia wood. This is a light type of wood, both in weight and colour. The bolster is made from black buffalo horn. Please take into account that wood and horn are natural products. The product you receive may differ in terms of pattern and colour. The materials used remain the same.