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Sakai Takayuki Nanairo: bridging the gap between tradition the 21st century

The Sakai Takayuki Nanairo kitchen knives are a little different than you're used to from other knives from Sakai Takayuki. We're not talking about the blade or the type of steel; both are not uncommon. It's the handle that's different. It's not made from fancy materials such as magnolia or buffalo horn, instead, these handles are made from plastic. That might feel a bit like blasphemy, but Sakai Takayuki still manages to make this very cool.

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Features of the Sakai Takayuki Nanairo series

The plastic handle has been enhanced with an 'Echizen lacquer' treatment. This is a special lacquer coating that provides a unique look. Moreover, the coating possesses antibacterial properties, so it's a very hygienic choice. In addition, a plastic handle like this requires less maintenance than a wooden handle. If you leave a wooden handle on your countertop in a puddle of water, you will see discolouration after a few hours. This will not happen as easily with a handle made of plastic.

Nanairo blade

The blades of the Nanairo series are similar to those of the other Sakai Takayuki series. A core of VG10 steel, encased by hammered damascus steel. This hammered finish prevents food from sticking to the blade, this is also known as an improved 'food release'. This amazing food release is especially notable when cutting slices of zucchini or potato. The slices just slide right off the blade.