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Victorinox: the one and only Swiss army knife

Victorinox is a world-famous Swiss company that offers high-quality pocket knives, multi-tools and kitchen knives at reasonable prices. For many, the first pocket knife they ever had was a Victorinox. The design of the 'Original Swiss Army Knife' will be a familiar sight to everyone, with its cross and distinctive red colour. Victorinox is known for their multi-functional pocket knives with lots of functions. This makes a Victorinox knife ideally suited when you are doing odd jobs around the house or looking for a compact all-rounder for on the go.

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Why choose Victorinox


Victorinox knives are incredibly versatile. Some pocket knives even have 30 or 70 functions! From peeling an apple to cutting off a price tag and everything in between; a Victorinox will handle it.


Victorinox knives are incredibly durable. They can handle whatever you throw at them, and they're even passed on from generation to generation.

Easy to take with you

Most Victorinox pocket knives are compact, making them easy to take with you wherever you go. For those who prefer to have their knives close at hand, Victorinox also sells belt pouches.

Large range

Victorinox has an impressive range pocket knives, from simple and compact versions to more elaborate pocket knives with many tools. This brand also offers multi-tools and kitchen knives. There's a suitable Victorinox knife for everyone!

Victorinox series

Victorinox Huntsman

With its 15 tools, the Victorinox Huntsman is ready to help you with any task.

Victorinox Spartan

The 6 tools in total have twelve functions, making the Spartan a very versatile Swiss pocket knife.

Victorinox Classic

The Classic is one of the smallest pocket knives in Victorinox' range. You'll always have room to carry this jack-of-all-trades!

Victorinox Pioneer

These knives are compact and don't have that many tools, but they have just the right tools you'll use most often.

Victorinox Climber

The Climber series is specially designed to provide all the essentials for your climbing and survival adventures.

Victorinox SwissChamp

With its 33 tools, the SwissChamp series gives a new meaning to the word versatile.

Victorinox Manager

In the Manager collection, there is a version with LED light, the Midnite Manager. With this additional light you can even use your knife in the dark!

Victorinox Signature

This pocket knife is enhanced with all traditional tools you often find on Swiss pocket knives, but it also has a pen.

Victorinox Hunter

The knives in the Hunter collection are ideal for hunting purposes. Many of these knives have extra tools to make your hunting trip easier.

Victorinox RangerGrip

The RangerGrip series consists of large pocket knives designed for safe use. The handles have a rubber, non-stick inlays and the blades are locked in place by a locking mechanism.

Victorinox Delémont

The Delémont series consists of pocket knives previously produced by Wenger, a brand acquired by Victorinox in 2005.

Victorinox Forester

The Forester series is made for those who prefer the woods over the city. This large knife has everything you need on your outdoor adventures.

Victorinox Trailmaster

The Trailmaster series is very similar to the Forester, though it has a crosshead screwdriver instead of a corkscrew.

Victorinox Evoke

The Evoke is a robust, grippy pocket knife with finger grooves, making this reliable tool feel great in hand.

Victorinox SwissCard

The SwissCard is a multi-tool the size of a credit card! It'll fit right into your wallet, bag or pocket.

Victorinox Alox

Instead of the very characteristic red handle scales, these models have silver or other colours made of Alox: aluminium.

My First Victorinox children's pocket knives

My First Victorinox children's pocket knives are specially designed for small hands. It offers a safe way to learn more about the wondrous world of pocket knives.

Victorinox SwissTool multi-tools

While Victorinox pocket knives are known for their reliability, their multi-tools are just as durable if not more so!

Victorinox SwissCassic kitchen knives

The SwissClassic collection is a collection of simple kitchen knives. The SwissClassic has something for every kitchen.

Victorinox SwissModern kitchen knives

SwissModern knives are perfect for those who seek modern, European design for good prices.

Victorinox Wood kitchen knives

The Wood collection combines the natural elegance of wood with the exceptional quality you have grown accustomed to from Victorinox.

Victorinox Fibrox kitchen knives

Fibrox kitchen knives are known for their excellent price-quality ratio. You cannot go wrong with the knives from the Fibrox collection.

Victorinox product types

Victorinox Limited Edition pocket knives

Each year, Victorinox releases new Limited Edition pocket knives. The most popular ones are the yearly Alox edition, which are real collector's items with their various fun colours.

Victorinox kitchen knives

Victorinox kitchen knives have been favoured by butchers and chefs for years. And with good reason! These practical kitchen knives have an excellent price-quality ratio.

Victorinox chef's knives

Victorinox chef's knives offer excellent cutting capabilities and are very affordable. They are everyone's friend: everyone will enjoy cooking with a Victorinox chef's knife.

Victorinox knife set

A knife set from Victorinox will take your cooking skills to the next level. Not only are these knives incredibly popular in professional kitchens, they're also much beloved by home chefs.

Victorinox cutlery sets

If you're looking for a cutlery set, Victorinox has got you covered. Choose a set that will suit you best and set the table with the coloured Victorinox cutlery sets.

History of Victorinox

Karl Elsener founded Victorinox in 1884 in Ibach, Switzerland. Elsener opened his own workshop to produce knives for the Swiss army. The Swiss army knife has been used by the army ever since 1891. Victorinox's success began in 1897 when they patented the first 'Officer's Knife'. The knife contained several practical tools in one compact design. It was the foundation upon which the Swiss Army knife as we know it today was built.

The brand really took shape in 1909 when Karl Elsener chose the name 'Victorinox'. The name is a combination of the name 'Victoria' as a tribute to his mother and 'inox' as an abbreviation of inoxydable, the French word for 'stainless'. Today, Victorinox is one of the leading brands in the knife industry. Everyone knows the iconic red pocket knife with the distinctive shield on the handle.

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