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Eden Elements kitchen knives: a flawless harmony between form and function.

Discover the Eden Elements collection. A collection of kitchen knives where design is perfectly combined with utility. This collection was inspired by the five Asian elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. These elements are represented in the colourful lines of the plastic handles. To sweeten the deal, the knives come with razor-sharp edges and an excellent weight distribution. Awaken your culinary genius and extend your horizons with Eden Elements kitchen knives.

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Features of Eden Elements

Each knife is meticulously crafted to satisfy culinary connoisseurs who savour the art of cooking. The stainless steel blade's surface features an intriguing partially-hammered finish. Originally, these dents were the result of the blacksmith's hammer. These prevent ingredients from sticking to the blade. As a result, these knives bring both fashion and function to the table. The handle is made from coloured G10. This is a very sturdy plastic that is resistant to moisture, heat and falls. With their distinctive coloured handles, these knives are a beautiful addition to your kitchen arsenal and are suitable for any budding home cook looking to add an extra element to their culinary experience!

Knives in the Eden Elements collection

  • The santoku is a versatile kitchen knife that is perfect when cutting, crushing and scooping meat, fish and vegetables. The santoku, with its fiery red handle, adds some extra spice to your favourite dishes.
  • Pankiri is the Japanese term for bread knife. It's a large serrated knife that allows you to effortlessly slice through bread and tough vegetables. For example, pumpkins, melons or celeriac. A knife with unprecedented power and the resistance of metal.
  • The nakiri can be found in almost every Japanese kitchen. The high and square blade is great for quickly cutting vegetables, fruit and herbs. This vegetable knife, with its green handle, will ground your inner chef.
  • The sashimi knife is perfect for more delicate cutting tasks. The long and low blade is designed to cut very thin slices of sashimi. The striking white and blue handle reflects the current of the river.
  • A petty knife is small, but mighty. This small peeling knife is great for precision tasks like cutting and dicing your ingredients. The yellow handle of this knife underlines the durability and versatility of wood.

How to maintain your Eden Elements kitchen knives

Always wash your Eden Elements knives by hand. When you put these knives in the dishwasher, water can stay behind in the little dimples of the blade. This makes the steel more likely to rust. In addition, detergent can also affect the handles of these knives, causing them to become dull over time. So keep your knives looking great and wash them by hand!