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Eden knife blocks: store your knives in style

An Eden knife block will store your knives in a safe, inexpensive and stylish way. Will you choose a more traditional knife block, or an elegant magnetic knife block? Eden knife blocks are available in different colours and materials, so you can choose which knife block fits your kitchen's design. By showing them off with an Eden knife block, you really do your kitchen knives justice!

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Features of Eden knife blocks

Eden magnetic knife blocks

By showing off your kitchen knives on an Eden knife block, you really do them justice. With a magnetic knife block the entire knife will be visible, allowing your knives to be the eye catchers they were always meant to be. Additionally, your knives will retain their sharpness for a longer period of time as the edge of your knives don't touch anything. This is much better than keeping your knives in a kitchen drawer without protection. In the drawer the knives can come into contact with each other and become damaged. Both sides of these blocks are magnetic, so they have room for up to 8 chef's knives!

Eden's magnetic knife blocks are made from different types of wood. You can choose from walnut, acacia wood, bamboo or black ash wood. The knife blocks have a strong and elegant base made from stainless steel, ensuring that the knife block is fixed in place on your kitchen counter.

Eden knife blocks from rubberwood

There's also the Eden knife block for 6 pieces made from beautiful and durable rubberwood. This is the wood of the rubber tree, and it is one of the most environmentally friendly types of wood in the modern wood industry. The wood is only used after the entire cycle of the latex production has ended. This type of hard wood is one of the most stable types of wood and retains its shape under varying conditions. Great for use in the kitchen.