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Eden Takara

A Japanese treasure for your kitchen

Eden Takara: a Japanese treasure for your kitchen!

Eden Takara kitchen knives are a treasure for every kitchen. The Japanese Tsuchime-technique hammered blade is luxurious and refined. Takara means "treasure". Exactly what a Takara-knife is to your kitchen. These Japanese kitchen knives are hand-made in a small workshop in Japan and not in an industrial factory. This makes every knife unique.

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Razor-sharp on the edge

The blade has a core of Aogami Super Blue steel, laminated between Paper-13Cr-stainless steel for flexibility and durability. The hammered surface of the blade is not only beautiful to look at, it also helps preventing food sticking to it. The Aogami-steel is razor-sharp, as you would expect from a Japanese kitchen knife.

Beautiful wooden handle

The handgrip of the Takara’s is made to traditional Japanese design. The bolster is made of black Pakkawood and the grip itself is made of red sandalwood. A very lightweight choice making the knives themselves really light to work with. The handle has a light a layer of wax so it can handle a few drops of water, but it's better to keep it as dry as possible.


It is important with these Japanese kitchen knives to use and care for them properly. The edge is thinly sharpened and very hard. Improper use may damage the edge. Always use the knife on a wooden or soft plastic cutting board. Each lateral movement with the knife should be avoided. Prying, wedging and chopping are out of the question! Also, stay away from bones, grates and frozen foods. Because the core of the blade is not stainless is, it must be washed and dried immediately after use. Don’t wait until after the meal, but clean it directly after cutting. You also have to wash it by hand. Dishwashers will do irreparable damage to these knives.

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 Eden Takara Gyuto 21 cm, Aogami steel

Blade length: 21.5 cm Total length: 35.9 cm Weight: 158 grams

 Eden Takara Gyuto 24 cm, Aogami steel

Blade length: 24.2 cm Total length: 39.5 cm Weight: 184 grams

 Eden Takara Sujihiki 27 cm, Aogami steel

Blade length: 26.8 cm Total length: 42.8 cm Weight: 165 grams

 Eden Takara Santoku 16.5 cm, Aogami steel

Blade length: 17.0 cm Total length: 30.7 cm Weight: 123 g

 Eden Takara Petty 12 cm, Aogami steel

Blade length: 12.2 cm Total length: 25.0 cm Weight: 67 g

 Eden Takara Nakiri 16.5 cm, Aogami steel

Blade length: 16.0 cm Total length: 30.7 cm Weight: 155 grams

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