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Eden Kanso Aogami left-handed kitchen knives: an unprecedented cutting experience

The Eden Kanso Aogami kitchen knives are hand-forged in Japan. Kanso means simplicity in Japanese. This refers to the goal of the design of these knives: giving you the ultimate cutting experience at the lowest possible price, without compromise. These versatile kitchen knives are available for right-handed people and left-handed people.

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Eden Kanso Aogami features

Eden Kanso Aogami steel

These knives are made from Blue Paper Steel, which is a type of steel with a hardness of approx. 62-63 HRC. The Eden Kanso Aogami knives have an extremely thin grind. The unique Blue Paper Steel of the Kanso Aogami has great properties for a fantastic cutting experience . This type of steel is incredibly strong and can be sharpened to extreme levels of sharpness. Blue Paper Steel contains a little more chromium and tungsten than comparable steel types. As a result, this type of steel is more corrosion resistant and less prone to chipping. Of course, this steel can still use some maintenance every once in a while. Though it is more corrosion resistant than comparable steels, it's still not entirely stainless. To prevent rust from forming, it's important to dry the knives after use. Over time, a natural layer of oxidation (called a patina), will develop, providing protection against rust.

Eden Kanso Aogami handle for left-handed users

The classic Japanese red sandal wood handle is asymmetrical, making it feel great in hand. Eden Kanso Aogami knives are available in a left-handed version and a right-handed version.

Sharpening the Eden Kanso Aogami kitchen knives

It is good to be aware that these knives should not be sharpened with a pull-through sharpener. Because of the rock-solid steel and the sideways movements that occur in a pull-through sharpener, pieces of the edge could break off. That's why we recommend sharpening these knives by hand. You can use a sharpening stone, sharpening steel or a sharpening system.

25-year warranty

The kitchen knives of the Eden Kanso Aogami series come with a 25-year warranty on material and manufacturing defects. Please note that rust spots on these knives are not a material defect, and that these knives are not dishwasher safe.