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Kitchen Knives & Cutting

Eden magnetic knife holders: an asset to your kitchen

With an Eden magnetic knife holder you are able to truly display your kitchen knives. You can do so by using a magnetic knife block, but also by using a magnetic knife strip. Not tucked away inside a block or drawer: when you have knives that look amazing you should display them for everyone to see!

Eden Magnetic knife holders

The Eden knife magnets are an asset to your kitchen. Not only great to look at, but also safe for the blades of the knives you intend to store on it. The only thing you have to do is put the blade on the block or strip because the magnet will make sure that the knife stays in place. The blade will only come into contact with the wood. As such the blade will maintain its sharpness and the cutting edge will not be damaged. Another great advantage: the knives are fully visible, as such you will never grab hold of the wrong one.

Eden Magnetic knife blocks

Magnetic knife blocks come in many shapes, sizes and materials. There are, for instance, blocks that can store four kitchen knives, while others have room for twelve. Therefore it is wise to think about how many knives you would like to store on your block.

Eden Magnetic knife strips

Magnetic knife strips also come in many different shapes and materials, enabling you to always choose the strip that will suit you best. Because of the magnetic function of the strips the knives can be placed over the entire surface of the strip. The Eden Magnetic knife strips are strong enough to carry all types of kitchen knives; from paring knives to a cleaver.