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Purchasing your own Gerber multi-tool? The largest collection of Gerber in stock!

Gerber was one of the first American companies that started producing multi-tools. The Gerber multi-tools are extremely strong and very functional. It is for a reason that it has been an indispensable tool for technicians, handymen, and carpenters.

In addition, the Gerber multi-tools have strengthened the United States’ defence troops for years. This not only says enough about the quality and reliability, but also about the name that Gerber adds to the multi-tool world. You cannot go wrong with a Gerber multi-tool.

Gerber multi-tools

In terms of multi-tools Gerber tries to do everything slightly different and even better than its competitors. After all, you will never find something on a Gerber multi-tool you won’t be able to use. In addition, the tools are properly finished and easy to use. And anything that rivals consider to be accessories or options are always standardly included with the Gerber multi-tool. Take, for instance, the Gerber Center-Drive. The first multi-tool with three fully functional tools: a pair of pliers, a screw driver, and a knife. The magnetic bit can be replaced and the tool is delivered with a Philips head and a flat head bit. New techniques added to the opening and locking systems ensure even more user-friendliness and safety. And all that with a 25-year guarantee.

Design Gerber multi-tools

The small multi-tools are pocket-sized but can achieve the most amazing things. Decent and compact multi-tools you can use for almost anything. Perfect when you go camping, for small tasks in and around the house, or even in your car, camper, or on the boat. For small multi-tools of 7 cm tops you will always have room.

The size of the larger Gerber multi-tools is just right. Not too big and not too small. Small enough to fit into your back pocket. Large enough to work with. The well thought out tools and the one-handed use make it perfect to work with. All separate components of the multi-tool can individually be locked. The Gerber multi-tools go with any type of equipment. Whether you are a bobby, a soldier, or a backpacker, or simply someone who likes to come prepared.

Looking for a multi-tool? Choose Gerber, you won’t regret it.