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Gerber Vital: hunting knives and accessories at attractive prices

The Gerber Vital range offers a wide range of pocket knives and fixed knives that are essential for any hunter, especially for gutting and processing game. The striking orange colour and excellent value for money are hallmarks of this knife. With the Vital series, Gerber shows that hunting as a sport doesn't need to be expensive. The designs are based on years of experience, so you only take tools into the field that you really need.

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Features of Gerber Vital

Gerber Vital: stay sharp

A knife that never loses its sharpness? That's impossible. However, what if you grabbed a new knife for each task? With the Gerber Vital collection, you can. This collection of pocket knives has blades you can replace. These blades are thin and razor-sharp, and can also be sharpened when necessary. The knives that do not have an interchangeable blade are made of high-quality stainless steel that's easy to sharpen as well.

Gerber Vital: distinctive handle with optimum grip

The bright orange handle is very durable and will stand out in the forest. In addition, some products have a rubber overmould. This means that grippy parts are fitted, giving you excellent grip even with wet hands. The Gerber Vital Zip even features a hole in the handle that acts as a resting place for your index finger. It's comfortable and handy for the pulling movements you usually carry out with this knife.