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Lionsteel M5: a great survival and hunting knife

The M5 is the perfect combination of hunting knives and survival knives. The blade has a thickness of 4.5 cm, which is what gives the knife its great strength. As is often the case with Lionsteel, the metal of the M5 has a beautiful finish. The handle is stylish and ergonomic, so it feels great in hand. The knife is enhanced with a full-tang construction, which means that the steel runs throughout the handle. This makes the knife extra sturdy.

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Features of LionSteel M5 knives

The LionSteel M5 is an all-round fixed knife. This knife can be used as a survival knife, but it is also great as a hunting knife.

LionSteel M5: blade

The Sleipner steel blade is hardened up to 60-61 HRC. The length of the blade of this knife is 11.5 cm. On the spine of the blade, around the transition of the handle, you find a small protrusion. So small you hardly notice it, but large enough to offer your thumb more grip. The entire spine has a lovely finish, something we often see on Italian knives.

CPM Magnacut steel

Knivesandtools has special 'Exclusive' versions of existing LionSteel knives. These Knivesandtools Exclusives feature CPM MagnaCut blades. MagnaCut is a premium steel type. It's known for its incredible toughness and corrosion resistance. It's like you take the toughness of CPM-4V steel and combine it with the corrosion-resistant properties of CPM-20CV. This steel retains its sharpness exceptionally well, but it might be a bit challenging to sharpen.

MagnaCut steel is one of the best all-round steel types on the market today. Its fine microstructure ensures sharpening is more manageable than with comparable steel types. This is why MagnaCut steel is an excellent choice for small pocket knives, large outdoor knives, kitchen knives and everything in between!

LionSteel M5: handle

The M5 is available in different handle materials: G10, micarta, olive wood or santos rosewood. Regardless of the material you choose, the handle is beautifully finished and has subtle grip grooves. These give the knife a graceful and elegant look and feel.


The LionSteel M5 comes with a stunning leather sheath with belt loop. The sheath is made from thick leather. Not only does this look great, it also ensures that the sheath is sturdy. Your knife will be safe from damage when stored in this sheath.