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LionSteel Thrill: modern slipjoint with unique design

The Lionsteel Thrill lives up to its name. It is a sensational modern gentleman's knife, enhanced with an ingenious slipjoint mechanism and a handle made from one piece of titanium. The Thrill is designed by Michele 'Moletta' Pensato, a familiar name for fans of LionSteel!

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Features of the LionSteel Thrill

LionSteel is a master when it comes to milling work. It is something they once again demonstrate with the Thrill. The new and improved integral slipjoint mechanism is milled from the integral handle. So there's no loose spring, as you see with many slipjoints. It makes the Thrill incredibly user-friendly. To clean the knife you only need to loosen the hinge to remove the blade. The slipjoint mechanism is enhanced with steel insert to prevent wear and tear in the long run. Something we often only see with titanium framelock mechanisms.

The blade

LionSteel selected Böhler M390 steel for the blade. This is an Austrian type of super steel that retains its sharpness for a very long time. M390 is also stainless. It's one of the most popular premium choices at the moment. The carefully applied nail nick makes it easy to open the knife, despite the strong spring. Because it doesn't really have a lock and can be opened with two hands this knife is legal to carry almost anywhere in the world. Are you looking for a more luxurious version? Check out the Thrill with damascus-steel blade.

Unique pocket clip

The cherry on top? The H.WAY system: Hide What Annoys You. With this system the pocket clip will simply disappear in the handle when you use the knife. It is enhanced with a spring. The only thing you need to do if you want to hang it from your pocket is press the light button on the other side of the handle. It might take some getting used to, but after some time this will go automatically.

All in all, the LionSteel Thrill is one of the best slipjoint knives ever produced. Not only in terms of looks, also when it comes to innovative ideas and modifications. Looking for a unique and modern gentleman's knife? Look no further!