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Pocket knives & multitools

Morakniv Bushcraft knives: an affordable introduction to the world of bushcraft

Morakniv Bushcraft knives are affordable and good. A little higher up than the cheapest Mora knives, but still more afforable than the bushcraft knives produced by other brands. Knives from this collection are enhanced with a comfortable handle with rubber cover for more grip. With the sharp spine you and your firesteel can make it rain (sparks that is)!

Morakniv Bushcraft: made from stainless steel and carbon steel

Mora Bushcraft knives, like many other Mora Knives, come in many different shapes and sizes. Versions made from stainless steel, but also versions made from carbon steel. The latter might not be corrosion resistant, it is still very easy to sharpen. You can also easily produce sparks on the spine of a carbon steel blade by hitting it on a fire stone. Not a fire steel, but a natural fire stone. Combine it with some charcloth and you have found yourself a very nice, primitive way of building a fire!