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Morakniv Bushcraft knives: an affordable introduction to bushcrafting

Morakniv Bushcraft knives offer great value for money. They might be a little more expensive than the most affordable Mora knives, but still very affordable! Knives from this collection are enhanced with a very comfortable handle with rubber for a lot of grip. The sharp angle of the blade's spine is great for making sparks with a firesteel.

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Features of Morakniv Bushcraft

Morakniv Bushcraft: blade

Morakniv Bushcraft knives, like many other Mora knives, come in a variety of styles. There are versions in stainless steel and ones in carbon steel. The latter might not be stainless, but it is easier to sharpen. Moreover, you can use the spine of the carbon-steel blade to create sparks by striking a firestone. Together with 'char cloth' this is a nice and primitive way of creating fire. Big enough for heavy work, small enough to easily take with you. And at 125 grams, the weight can even be called low.

Morakniv Bushcraft: handle

The rubber handle is very grippy. Even in wet circumstances you will have enough grip. The handle is large enough that you can comfortably hold it while wearing gloves. Perfect for those looking to travel in colder climates.

Morakniv Bushcraft: sheath

The plastic sheath is nice and solid and properly secures the knife. A clearly noticeable click lets you know that the knife is in place. An opening at the bottom of the holster allows for the drainage of water if necessary. The removable and closed belt clip is rotatable.