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Zwilling Twin Grip: you can never own too many of them!

The Zwilling Twin Grip collection is comprised of razor-sharp peeling and vegetable knives. A thin, slim blade made from Friodur steel combined with an ergonomically-shaped plastic handle are the ingredients of this successful collection. You can never own too many of the Zwilling Twin Grip knives, because you can truly use them for every task in the kitchen. And they are dishwasher proof!

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Characteristics for the Zwilling Twin Grip collection

Zwilling Twin Grip knives might be simple, they are incredibly practical. Knives that shouldn't be missing from your kitchen.

Top-quality steel

We already mentioned it briefly before: the Zwilling Friodur technique. For this patented technique the steel is first heated and then cooled to -70°C. As such the steel is rock-solid and corrosion resistant. As such it is even more stainless than standard types of steel. Fortunately, it is still easy to sharpen. Cool!

Ergonomic handle

The Zwilling Twin Grip handles are made from top-quality plastic. Very maintenance friendly. They are ergonomically shaped and therefore feel amazing in hand. Even when peeling tons of potatoes.

Zwilling Twin Grip maintenance

Maintaining the Zwilling Twin Grip knives is easy. They are dishwasher proof. However, do you want to make sure they will stay in great shape for a long time? Simply clean them by hand after use. The dishwasher could affect the plastic and cause the knives to become blunt a lot faster.