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Zwilling chef's knives: excellence in cuisine

A Zwilling chef's knife is a real workhorse for your kitchen. Ask any professional chef and they will tell you that a chef's knife is the most important knife in your kitchen. It's the knife you can use for practically anything. And what better brand to choose than Zwilling, a German brand that has been producing great knives since 1731?

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Features of Zwilling chef's knives

When you buy a Zwilling chef's knife, you are choosing hundreds of years of experience, combined with modern techniques. The best of then and now combined. Zwilling is known for their excellent heat treatment protocols. These are what makes Zwilling chef's knives retain their sharpness for a very long time. This 'Friodur' method involves cooling the knives back to more than 100 degrees Celsius below 0. This brings out the very best in the steel.

Different collections of Zwilling chef's knives

There is a Zwilling chef's knife to suit every kind of kitchen. A Zwilling Twin Cuisine chef's knife is perfect for a modern-looking kitchen or choose the Zwilling Pro series for a more traditional look. Or opt for a guaranteed favourite: the design of the Zwilling Four Star series has remained unchanged since 1976. Why change a winning team?

Sharpening your Zwilling chef's knife

Each knife will need to be sharpened in time. Fortunately, Zwilling knives feature hardened steel, and they're razor-sharp, so you won't have to sharpen your Zwilling knives for a while after purchasing them. But eventually even a Zwilling chef's knife will become blunt. Fortunately, there are excellent Zwilling sharpening products available. You could choose whetstones which require some skill, or you could choose pull-through sharpeners that will restore your knife's razor-sharp edge in no time at all.