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Kitchen Knives & Cooking

Zwilling Gourmet: classic, reliable kitchen knives

The Zwilling Gourmet kitchen knives are perfect for the amateur chef. Classic kitchen knives for great prices. Timeless but incredibly effective. The Zwilling Gourmet kitchen knives come with different blade shapes to make sure you will always have the right knife for the job. A collection of top-quality kitchen knives, made in Solingen.

Zwilling Gourmet: classic, reliable kitchen knives

Each knife in the Gourmet collection is made from one piece of steel. Stainless and Friodur ice-hardened, as is characteristic for Zwilling kitchen knives. During this special process the steel is subjected to extreme temperatures in multiple steps. Afterwards each knife is precisely grinded. An excellent combination which ensures that the sharpness is maintained and that the sustainability and corrosion resistance is perfect.

The blade gradually merges with the handle, also called full-tang. The crop is missing so you can use the entire blade while you are cutting. In addition, this ensures that each knife is slightly lighter in weight, easier to handle and sharpen on a sharpening stone. The handle is made from POM and attached with three rivets. Classic but effective. Each knife is perfectly balanced and feels great in hand.

Because of the materials used you can easily place your Zwilling Gourmet knives in the dishwasher. However, we do advise that you wash the knives by hand to make sure your knives will never be damaged by the detergent or because they ‘inevitably’ bump into other items in the dishwasher. As such your knives will keep their amazing look even longer.

Difference between Gourmet and Twin Gourmet

The Zwilling Gourmet collection closely resembles the Twin Gourmet collection. The same timeless, classic design with three rivets and the same Friodur ice-hardened blade without a crop. There are, however, some differences between the two. The biggest ‘noticeable’ difference being the Zwilling logo placed on the middle of the three rivets on the Gourmet collection. However, the biggest different can be found in where the knives are made. While the Twin Gourmet knives are produced in Spain, the Gourmet knives ‘simply’ come from Germany. Feels more familiar doesn’t it?