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Zwilling Gourmet: classic, reliable kitchen knives

The Zwilling Gourmet kitchen knives are perfect for any amateur chef. Classic kitchen knives for a friendly price. The tried-and-tested three-rivet design has been popular for decades. Timeless but extremely effective. The Zwilling Gourmet kitchen knives come with different blade shapes. As such you will always have the right knife for the right task. A top-quality collection of kitchen knives, produced in Solingen.

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Characteristics for the Zwilling Gourmet knives

Zwilling Gourmet blade and handle

Each knife from the Gourmet collection is forged from one piece of steel. Stainless and Friodur ice-hardened, as we often see with kitchen knives from Zwilling. During this special process, the steel is subjected to extreme temperatures in several steps. Afterwards, each knife is sharpened with laser precision. An excellent combination that ensures that the sharpness, sustainability, corrosion resistance and sharpness retention are extremely good.

The blade extends completely into the handle, also called full-tang. The crop is missing, so you can use the entire blade as you use the knife. This also makes every knife lighter, easier to manoeuvre and more convenient to sharpen on a sharpening stone. The handle is made of POM. Secured with three rivets. Classic but effective. Every knife is nicely balanced and feels comfortable in hand.

Zwilling Gourmet materials and maintenance

Thanks to the materials used, the Zwilling Gourmet knives are dishwasher proof. However, we recommend cleaning the knives by hand. After all, if you wash them by hand the knives do not suffer from the detergent and the inevitable "colliding" in a dishwasher. As such your knives will stay in great shape for a very long time.

Difference between Gourmet and Twin Gourmet

The Zwilling Gourmet collection looks a lot like the Twin Gourmet collection. The same timeless, classic design with the three rivets. The same Friodur-ice hardened blade without crop. But there are some differences. The main difference is the Zwilling logo in the middle of the three rivets of the Gourmet series. The biggest difference can be found in where the blades are made. While the Twin Gourmet knives were produced in Spain, the Gourmet knives come from Germany. Nice and familiar.