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ESEE Camp-Lore: bushcraft knives in an ESEE sauce

The knives in the ESEE Camp-Lore series are traditional bushcraft knives. The Camp-Lore knives are designed by experts with different backgrounds. That's why the Camp-Lore knives are so different from each other. While some knives are designed with hunting in mind, others are mostly intended for food prep and then there are knives designed to excel in tasks like woodworking.

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Features of ESEE Camp-Lore

ESEE Camp-Lore: traditional and strong bushcraft knives

The Camp Lore knives were developed based on the demand for traditional and strong bushcraft knives. The designers of the Camp-Lore collection all have unique backgrounds and experiences and are considered to be the best in their fields. All Camp Lore knives are simple, traditional designs that have proven their worth in the field a hundred times over. Each knife is produced in the United States.

Created by experiences specialists

Each of the designers has their own specialisation. Each of them is at the top of their fields. That's what makes them the perfect knife designers for this knife collection! Patrick Rollins, for instance, is the main instructor at the ESEE Randall’s Survival School. He worked on the classic Kephart design. This became the ESEE PR4, a classic bushcraft knife. Simple and ingenious at the same time, perfect as an all-round bushcraft knife.

ESEE Camp-Lore: blade

The blades of ESEE Camp-Lore knives are usually made of 1095-carbon steel. This steel is not stainless, but it can handle a lot. Perhaps just as important: 1095 is also very easy to sharpen. This means you can still sharpen your knife in the field with relatively limited resources. The wonderful qualities of the steel guarantee a lifetime of fun.

ESEE: craftsmanship

The knives by ESEE owe their strong, robust character to ESEE's skilled manufacturing process. Heat treatment is an extremely important step to achieve the final properties of the blade. ESEE knives has truly perfect this process. As a result, you'll have to try very hard if you wanted to break the steel. If you try hard enough, of course any knife can break. ESEE knives are definitely strong enough to handle both heavy-duty use and everyday use.