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ESEE Camp Lore: bushcraft knives with an ESEE sauce

ESEE Camp Lore knives are designed as traditional bushcraft knives. Designed by experts with each a different background. For that reason the Camp Lore knives are so different. There are, for instance, knives great for the hunting aspects of bushcraft, while others are perfect for food prep or wood work.

Born from the experience of specialists

Each designer who designed the Camp Lore knives has his/her own specialty which is what makes them so perfect as the designers of these types of knives. Patrick Rollins, for instance, main instructor at the ESEE Randall’s Survival School, worked on the classic Kephart design. This became the ESEE PR4. A classic bushcraft knife. Simple, and ingenious at the same time, perfect as an all-round bushcraft knife.

Bushcraft knives! ESEE Camp Lore!

Because the ESEE Camp Lore collection is comprised of knives that suit any type of bushcraft style there will always be a knife to suit your needs best. As befits ESEE these knives were carefully designed and produced. Some designs were tested for over two years on a daily basis to make them even better. Combine that with the life-long guarantee and you know that you are dealing with a top-quality product.